Charleston Fall Fly Fishing

As the summer draws to a close and the first cold front of the upcoming fall season upon us, we can’t help but anxiously await the cooler temperatures and the excellent fishing opportunities they provide.  Fall Fly Fishing in Charleston begins to shine, as the water cools and clears, redfish school up to feed more steadily throughout the day.  During the hot summer season, we must target the early mornings as the water gets too hot to find good sight fishing opportunities for redfish.  We are now seeing some great tastes of whats to come the past week, with redfish getting into their fall patterns more and more every day.  On the outgoing and low tides, the redfish are in packs of 5-20 crawling and pushing wakes along oyster beds and mud banks sending shrimp flying into the air as their backs, tails and splashes give them away.  This situation is a wonderful opportunity for the fly and artificial angler alike, all it takes is a well placed cast ahead of the visible school.  The fall fly fishing season also brings many more flood tides (high tides over 6feet) that allow us entry into the short spartina marsh grass to target single tailing redfish.  With many more of these tides in the morning and middle of the day, the sight fishing for redfish in the grass is yet another great opportunity for fly and artificial anglers .  Once the tide starts falling after the flood in the grass, the redfish stage in the edges of the marsh, swimming or floating on the surface offering another great target for sight fishermen.  The moral of the story is that the cooler the weather gets in Charleston in the fall, the hotter the fly fishing can be! Call or email today for the best dates and tides.


Charleston Redfish Charleston Redfish Charleston Redfish

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