Charleston Tarpon

Every year we anxiously await the arrival of the migratory tarpon schools into our waters.  South Carolina Tarpon fishing has been an evolving sport over the last 20 years and we have improved our success greatly in the last few years.  During the summer months, they can show up in fishable numbers as early as June, however the most predictable months are August, September and October.  As every South Carolina tarpon season passes, we are learning more and more about their habits and effective ways to catch them while they haunt our waters.  There are never any guarantees while chasing tarpon in SC, however with the right weather and tidal conditions we can book your tarpon trip with confidence.  My tarpon trips are not area specific, I often travel up to 60miles north or south of Charleston to find the best concentration of fish.  Georgetown Tarpon are often the most concentrated so lots of time is spent to the north of Charleston with the best success.  That said, tarpon specific trips need to be 6hrs or more typically and can involve some travel time and added costs to the customer.  Any concern about those details goes right out of sight and mind when 100lbs of silver launches out of the water hooked to your rod.  Lets go get em!

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