Charleston Redfish

Charleston Fly RedfishCharleston RedfishCharleston Redfish

The Charleston Redfish is the most popular gamefish in our waters and for many great reasons.  They are abundant, live in our beautiful marshes, show themselves in shallow water, and provide a great fight on fly and light tackle.  The ways to catch them are numerous, but the year round most productive method is often fishing with live or dead bait, providing some great action and memorable catches.  In addition to bait fishing, they also present themselves visibly in shallow water and are a great target for fly and artificial lure fisherman.  We fish for them year round, however some seasons are more productive at times, especially during the fall and winter when our waters cool down and become clear.  During the summer we mainly focus on the highest tide cycles for fly fishing and on the lower tides for bait fishing.   All angling skill levels are welcome as Charleston Redfish are not generally picky feeders.  Come find out why Charleston Redfish are so popular!