Kids Redfish

The greater Charleston area is a wonderful family vacation destination, where all sorts of different activities abound, but Charleston kids fishing is a favorite of many.  We can cater a trip specifically for you and your children, whether you are a one time vacationer, make a yearly trip, or a local family.  Charleston Kids Fishing can be action packed with smaller aggressive fish to get their love for fishing accelerated quickly!  I was taught to fish at a young age by many different guides here and in Florida, and I take pride in providing an entertaining, calm and educational experience for you and your children.  Depending on the season, conditions and patience level of your party, we can fish for the ever popular redfish, speckled trout, flounder, or sharks.  Should your children be quite young or impatient, we can also target a variety of smaller, more numerous fish  on very light rods.  This can be a great intro to fishing and get them hooked at a young age.  There isn’t a more satisfying experience than teaching a youngster to fish and seeing that smile and excitement when it all comes together!  I  look forward to teaching every new fisherman who comes aboard my boat, lets book your trip today!

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