Hells Bay Guide

Since its inception, Hells Bay Boatworks  has long been an innovator in shallow water fishing.  Hal Chittum and Flip Pallot designed and built the early models in an effort to reduce draft and hull slap and most importantly, make truly first class skiffs that stand the test of time.  The Guide 18 quickly became a very popular hull here in South Carolina due to its stability, shallow draft, ability to fish 3 anglers comfortably, and massive amounts of storage.  In other words we can get to fish other boats can’t, approach them silently, and be comfortable getting to and from.   Come join me on the Hells Bay for a memorable day fishing the shallows around Charleston South Carolina.

The HB Guide gets you to and from the shallow water with comfort, and has the stability and silence to not alert our quarry.

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