Redfish on Fly
Charleston Redfish
Charleston Redfish
Charleston Redfish on Fly

Charleston Fly Fishing has become extremely popular in the last few years and for great reason.  Catching a Redfish on fly is some of the most fun you can have in a boat in my opinion.  There are certain tidal and weather situations in which we look for good fly opporunities for redfish.  Most all saltwater fly fishing requires some more advanced casting, so its in your best interest to be able to double haul and cast 40ft accurately in some wind, to expect success.

Spring/Summer:  During the warmer months for Charleston Fly Fishing, we focus on the higher tides around the new and full moons when the higher than normal water floods the short spartina grass flats. Fish follow this rising water in search of fiddler and blue crabs and shrimp in the flooded grass where they will feed along the bottom, Tailing Redfish!  We can usually get pretty close to these fish as their attention is totally focused upon feeding on the bottom, making them a great target for beginning and expert fly anglers alike.  In addition to fly fishing for tailing fish at high tides, we can also find great action early in the morning on low tides with fish aggressively eating shrimp and baitfish.  Another great Charleston Fly Fishing opportunity.

Fall:  Fall in Charleston means fabulous fishing.  It is the pinnacle for Charleston Fly Fishing.  The water is cooling down and fish become much more aggressive in preparation for the winter.  If there was a time to bank on great fly fishing it would be September, October and November.

Winter:  Charleston Fly Fishing in the winter, though the air can be chilly the fishing can still be red hot during the winter, particularly in December.  Our redfish congregate into massive schools for the winter and can become excellent targets for fly anglers.  During the cooler months, our water clears up to a beautiful crystal green color, and the fish show up quite well providing quality sight fishing opportunities given lots of sunlight.  There isn’t a more beautiful sight than a school of 1oo+ happy redfish in clear water waiting for your properly placed fly!

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