Falling Temperatures and Their Effect on our Fishery

Thankfully the Charleston area was largely spared by Hurricane Matthew and boy are we grateful, because areas just to the south and north were not so lucky.  This event coupled with strong northeast winds and huge full moon tides, left the inshore and nearshore waters more churned up than normal.  Luckily this weekend we are going to see a very welcome cold front that should kickstart the fishing in a big way.  Historically our fishery begins to really shine when October ushers in cooler air and water temperatures. However the past couple of years, we have seen a warmer than normal fall, slowing the typical pattern of inshore Charleston Redfish and Speckled Trout.  Hopefully this isn’t a recurring trend, because we look forward to the cold fronts triggering the schooling of both Charleston Redfish and Trout in shallow waters, as well as their appetites heading into the winter.  Another ancillary effect is the clearing of the shallow water, which is a huge plus for the ever growing group of sight fishing fanatical fly fishermen and artificial anglers.  A cool bright November or December day with mid day tides and sun, is hard to beat for redfishing the inshore waters of the Lowcountry of South Carolina.  The Speckled Trout also move shallower as temperatures fall, filling the large shallow bays, creek mouths, and oyster points where the dine on shrimp, mullet and anything they can get their fangs on.   Even with all of this great fishing on hand, we see a fairly drastic reduction in fishing inquiries once the summer winds to a activities of the fall begin. Its certainly hard to compete with College Football, Dove and Deer Season, but you owe it to yourself to carve out a day or two to take your son or favorite fishing partner on a fall fishing trip.  I look forward to showing all new and returning anglers our gin clear shallow water and large schools of hungry fish this Fall and Winter.

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