Charleston Fall Redfish

All Summer long, we look forward to the cooler air and hot fishing that the fall brings.  As the water clears with every cold front, the Charleston Fall Redfish become more and more hungry as the prevalent baitfish begin to disappear.  Fishing becomes more predictable and the fish hungrier throughout the day and on more stages of the tide than in the warm summer.  The colder it gets in the fall the more we see the Redfish school up and become more aggressive.  With fly and artificial lures sight fishing, we concentrate on the lower stages of the tide as well as the ample flood tides (high tides over 6feet) that allow us access into the highest part of the marsh.  There have already been a few tropical storms come through the area, but they tend to only affect the fishing for a day or two afterwards and the fishing resumes greatness shortly thereafter.  We are hoping for a more dry and cooler fall than last year!  Scenes like the pictures below, are the norm and not the exception during good tides in the fall.  I look forward to every trip during this season as the fishing can be explosive.


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