August Inshore Fishing, Prime Time

August Inshore Fishing usually marks the beginning of our favorite months in the Charleston area. The oppressive heat of June and July wanes into more storms and clouds and all sorts of changes are happening. We are catching lots of Redfish on finger mullet on the bait trips and its hands down the bait of choice this time of year. Redfish are also focusing on the growing shrimp numbers in the shallow flats and creeks at lower tides, and upcoming morning flood tides have more fishing tailing in the grass than in previous months. The schools of redfish are growing in size in August and are more hungry than in previous months making double digit catches the norm and not the exception. Tarpon fishing in August is also as predictable as it gets, making them a good target when the tides and weather are right. Often early morning high tides have them blasting mullet schools along grass lines, jetties and sandbars. I look forward to every trip this time of year and can’t wait to book your charter for August and the fall soon!

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