Warm Winter Fishing

So far this year we have yet to experience much typical fall and winter weather, which has made things somewhat challenging in regard to the winter schooling pattern of shallow water redfish.  The great news is that with the unseasonable heat and massive amounts of rain, the water temperature should remain optimum for the reds and trout to continue to bite well through January and February.  In the last few years past, it has gotten so cold that the water temperature plummeted to a point sending the fish into lockjaw state.  January and February are historically slower months for charter fishing in our area, however this coming year the higher water temperatures going forward should motivate more anglers to take advantage of the fishing that usually happens in November and December.  The schools of Redfish are not even at their largest yet, we are still only seeing groups of 30-50 at most and anxiously await some cooler weather to really herd them up!  Come get on some of the surely great fishing to come in 2016.
Look forward to hearing from everyone to set up their 2016 fishing trips!  Cheers


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